Rupert and the Pirates #Thr33 – The 52nd Story in the #HankSaga by @Deeliopunk (@HankSaga)



 Other stories to read along with this one – Rupert and the Pirates, Rupert and the Pirates #TWO, The Sniffer

 Rupert and the Pirates #Thr33 – The 52nd Story in the #HankSaga by @Deeliopunk (@HankSaga)


“We’re going after him right?” said MC Frisbee Rockstar into the mirror as he was fixing his hair.

“Who are you talking to?” said a mysterious voice from one of the bathroom stalls.

“Oh, uh, didn’t realize someone else was in here. Sorry. I was just…thinking about a friend is all.”

You’re Ruperts friend too?” said the mysterious voice from behind the stall door.

“Yes, all of us here at Blue Spaghetti’s are friends with Rupert. We all miss him very much. And those pirates have no right to take him from us!” Continue reading Rupert and the Pirates #Thr33 – The 52nd Story in the #HankSaga by @Deeliopunk (@HankSaga)

Hank and Dan Movie Reviews – Oculus


“Why are we watching this movie? Isn’t it supposed to be scary?”

“Hank, we’re not currently watching this movie. We already watched it yesterday. We’re just writing the review for it now.”

“Oh, yeeeaaaah. I remember now. This is the movie about the boy who doesn’t believe in Santa, but then gets invited on a train, goes to the north pole…”

“That’s Polar Express, and has nothing to do with this movie.”

“Really? Could’ve sworn Oculus was about Christmas.” Continue reading Hank and Dan Movie Reviews – Oculus

What successful writers do – 8 things you can do differently

Originally posted on Victoria Lagnehag Creative:

I believe we are capable of achieving anything we set our mind to. What I’m saying is that if you want to succeed as a writer, you can.

change your mindset message illustrationOne of the obstacles, if not the main obstacle, is our mindset. I see it all the time. People prevent themselves from succeeding by meticulously and purposefully putting themselves down which ultimately leads to low self-esteem. People find excuses to procrastinate, to delay, to avoid trying. They hide behind their fear of failure and abandon their own dreams in the process.

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Reviews for The Markings by @colinkriselart and @jameskrisel – reviews can be found on All-Comic

Looking for a new read this weekend? History meets fantasy in  Colin and James Krisel’s The Markings

Check out my reviews of the first three issues below. Reviews are available to read on All-Comic.Com 

The Markings #1





The Markings #2

“Apparently my paper was better than you thought.”



The Markings #3



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The Sniffer – The 51st Story in The #HankSaga – By Dan Leicht @Deeliopunk @HankSaga

The Sniffer

The Sniffer – The 51st Story in The #HankSaga – By Dan Leicht @Deeliopunk @HankSaga


There once was a man from Balooe. He liked to sniff stale glue. But as it turns out, the glue ran out. And now he wants to sniff you!

 “What was that?”

“What was what?”

“Is that a poem at the beginning of this story? What’s it all mean? Seems pretty random.” Continue reading The Sniffer – The 51st Story in The #HankSaga – By Dan Leicht @Deeliopunk @HankSaga

Poetry! My Newest #Poem “The Feast” and MORE!



My newest poem “The Feast” can be found on QuarterReads

A short sample -

Enter slowly into the room on your left.
Don’t turn on the light. Don’t whisper into the darkness.
She’ll see you. She’ll know you’re there.
Soon you’ll see the sheen of her eyes as the black orbs catch the faintest shimmer…

Check out MORE Poetry – 

Continue reading Poetry! My Newest #Poem “The Feast” and MORE!

My Newest Comic Reviews! Find them on All-Comic!

Here’s a list of this week’s comics/graphic novels reviews I’ve done for All-Comic!

Hogtown Spirits #1: Wyatt Blake

“Go stand by a puddle with your mouth open and wait for a car to pass.That’s a Hogtown.”

hogtownspirits1cvr Continue reading My Newest Comic Reviews! Find them on All-Comic!

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