All-Comic Review Of Low #8 By Rick Remender, Greg Tocchini, and Dave McCaig #FridayReads #IMAGEcomics

“You’ve done well, Mertali. We will certainly find fuel and air tanks here.”

“In a derelict husk. This close to the surface, Zem? The water ispoison at these levels.”

Somebody has lost her optimism…

#ClassicHankSaga Friday – Hank’s Dark Sky (Story #19 In The #HankSaga) By @Deeliopunk / @HankSaga #FridayReads

Hank’s Dark Sky – (Story 19 in the Hank Saga) – By: D.e.e.L

By @Deeliopunk / @HankSaga

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The sky was dark, the night cold, getting colder as the bright sun made everything really bright and warm. There were two turkeys pretending to be chickens, and two chickens pretending to be farmers. A man in the distance, eating grass and handfuls of dried corn.

“Hey! Hey you!”


Oh, it’s just a cow. A very odd looking cow…almost looks like a man wearing worn out jeans and a hat made of some sort of shirt material, or maybe that is his shirt, and he’s wearing a hat as sleeves, but it can’t be a man, men don’t moo…

“Got any more corn?!” Continue reading #ClassicHankSaga Friday – Hank’s Dark Sky (Story #19 In The #HankSaga) By @Deeliopunk / @HankSaga #FridayReads

All-Comic Review of Dengue (graphic novel) by Rodolfo Santullo, Matias Bergara, Tim Pilcher / @Deeliopunk

“Nobody knows exactly how it happened. The authorities constantly denied the existence of local dengue outbreaks. The situation was ‘under control’. There was no cause for alarm.”

All-Comic Review of Bloodthirsty #1 – @ComicsTitan @MarkALandry @AshleyMWitter

“I didn’t reach them in time, Trey. I failed. But I promised mom I would take care of you. I won’t let her down again.”

The events of Katrina in New Orleans come back to haunt one of the workers that helped save so many people. He promised his mother he would protect his brother and keep him safe… but is that easier said than done? What’s really going on within the aftermath of the storm? Even ten years later Virgil remembers a horrific scene witnessed underwater… what’s going on… and where are people disappearing to?

All-Comic Review for King Tiger #1

“Tiger wait! Don’t open that door until I’m there to help you… oh. Oh!

“Relax, Milo. The doorway to the Vortex can open randomly to billions of different times and dimensions… unless one knows the secret to controlling it.”

But can it dance?

Issue #1 of King Tiger places you into the real world, but with a main character that is very much invested in fantasy. Randy Stradley and Douglas Wheatley do a great job of blurring those lines.

All-Comic Review of Zodiac Starforce #1

Remember that shows Totally Spies? Combine that with Sailor Moon, add maybe a hint of Mean Girls, and you have Zodiac Starforce. It’s like, this group of girls that totally saved everyone their freshman year of high school, but now, like, the monsters are coming back and they literally can’t even right now.

Poetry, Fantasy, Mystery, Short stories, Rhymes…sometimes


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