Friday’s #ClassicHankSaga – HANK’S VAN – STORY #9 IN THE HANK SAGA- By @Deeliopunk / @HankSaga



“Hey, has anyone seen Nina?”

“Who? I think you mean Gina. Never heard of Nina before. Nice tie green tie by the way.”

“Thanks, it’s actually orange. So, you don’t know where or who she is then, huh?”

“I know who she isn’t, she’s definitely not Stinky, or MC Frisbee Rockstar, or that kid with the bad breath, or the chick trapped in the envelope, or the girl who cut off Hank’s taaaaailllll….you’re Hank aren’t you?”

“You do know where she is! Where is the toaster!!!”

“I’m not telling! And I think you meant to say ‘where is the toaster?’.  And I am also running away! Running! Running! You can see me running!” Continue reading Friday’s #ClassicHankSaga – HANK’S VAN – STORY #9 IN THE HANK SAGA- By @Deeliopunk / @HankSaga

Story Time Friday, #NationalPoetryMonth edition – where @BenDitty finds a poem in poetry

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This week, I’m letting Ben Ditmars take the reigns. I won’t talk his poem up too much. He’s capable of doing that himself…
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I haven’t done many found poems. They are tricky and often come out forced having originated from other voices. But for National Poetry Month I wanted to step outside my comfort zone and help promote some poets in the process. So, please enjoy Dirt Road Embers.fancy lineresize

Dirt Road Embers

by Ben Ditmars

Human beings are powder kegs
Electric lightbulbs burning out and
Waiting to explode; we carry on
Please carry me I’m broken
Caught between the gloaming
Wine-stained fringe existence
Broken places bleeding midnight
On a savage rose where
She is strong and I’m inhaling
Smoke through laughter
Birthing madness; nothing left
But pulse and sadness slipping
Into evening; we can’t lose.

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Found poem composed from titles of: Dirt Road Dreams by Susie Clevenger, Nocturnal Embers by…

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Review – Trigger Warning

Originally posted on Jancee's Reading Journal:

Trigger Warning: Short Fictions and Disturbances

 Title – Trigger Warning: Short Fictions and Disturbances

 Author – Neil Gaiman

 2015 – Short Stories

 Rating: 4/5

The Opening Line: Today I intended to begin to write.

The Story: This is actually a collection of short stories, poems, and other tidbits gathered from various collections and anthologies into one Gaiman collection.

What I Loved: Back when I read Ocean at the End of the Lane, I was struck by the beauty of Gaiman’s writing. His words and sentences were written well – what I read flowed fluidly off my tongue and transported me to a magical, mystical land of fantasy and adventure and wonder. His writing has a lyrical, musical flow and is breathtaking. I am beyond pleased to report that every single work in this collection is just as high-quality and beautiful. I also really like what Gaiman stated in his introduction – that he thinks all short…

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Sunday’s #PoetryRewind – Anxiolytic / by @Deeliopunk


waiting room
sitting for too long when there are things to do
so much to do before sitting and becoming lost
for now just sitting and becoming anxious
anxiety, flipping pages in a magazine
staring at strangers
typing a poem on a phone
– need to do:
haircut, grocery shopping ( the store close to me doesn’t have the bread i like, at the dentist appointment near parent’s home, will have to stop at store near here)
kicking in, kicking in the morphine of tranquility
starting up, starting up, that ever persistant anxiety
have to drive to the home away from home
where i’ll finish this poem
after watching a movie with coffee and popcorn
i’ll finish this poem after having turned the T.V off
i’ll be sitting in the dark in the reclining blue chair
with a blanket over my lap
as i stare into a lit phone’s screen to finish typing
i’ll finish typing the poem i started in the waiting room
after i finally got to where i wanted to be
did what i wanted to do
i’ll finish writing it right before bed
my mind at rest
heart tranquil
awaiting dreams
knowing this poem got me through today
and knowing the next poem will have to wait until tomorrow

Read “Tony and the Beetles,” an early short story by Philip K. Dick

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“Tony and the Beetles”


Philip K. Dick

Reddish-yellow sunlight filtered through the thick quartz windows into the sleep-compartment. Tony Rossi yawned, stirred a little, then opened his black eyes and sat up quickly. With one motion he tossed the covers back and slid to the warm metal floor. He clicked off his alarm clock and hurried to the closet.

It looked like a nice day. The landscape outside was motionless, undisturbed by winds or dust-shift. The boy’s heart pounded excitedly. He pulled his trousers on, zipped up the reinforced mesh, struggled into his heavy canvas shirt, and then sat down on the edge of the cot to tug on his boots. He closed the seams around their tops and then did the same with his gloves. Next he adjusted the pressure on his pump unit and strapped it between his shoulder blades. He grabbed his helmet from the dresser…

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