Rewrite – The Writer’s Bane

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Rewrite – The Writer’s Bane


Rewrite – The Writer’s Bane

Today I’m going to discuss the bane of writing: Rewriting.

Here’s a brief recap of revising: basically you are fixing scenes, dialogue, fixing the chronology, checking the point of views of the scenes.

Editing recap: checking for spelling errors, mistakes in grammar, and punctuation.

Now, here comes something no writer wants to go through, but sometimes it is necessary: Rewriting. You have finished the first draft of your novel, did some editing and revisions along the way. You have sent the book off to your beta readers and you are sitting down to read it yourself. When you hear back from beta readers your worst fear is realized. What you have written isn’t working. No matter how you try to spin it in your mind, you have a lot of problems. If you were to publish this now, you would…

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Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Books I’d Want On A Desert Island

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May 19Top Ten Books I’d Want On A Desert Island
This week for Top Ten Tuesday we were given a lifeline in the form of a freebie. With the UK being on the cusp of “summer”, I’ve decided to list the ten books I’d take with me (as if I’d ever be afforded the choice) if I were stranded on a desert island: some I’ve previously read, others I’ve yet to delve into. A good mixture, I think.


1. Noughts and Crosses by Malorie Blackman
As dark and depressing as this book is, I never get bored of reading it, and I always gain some new insight into human character. It’s a book that stays with you for long after reading it.

2. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire by J.K. Rowling
I do things properly – there’s no evading the ten books by quoting ten series…

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#ClassicHankSaga Friday! – Nina: The Big Story Ruiner (Story #13 in The #HankSaga)– By: @Deeliopunk / @HankSaga

Nina: The Big Story Ruiner (Story #13 in The #HankSaga)– By: @Deeliopunk / @HankSaga

 You can also find this story on Wattpad! 





“What are you talking about? The sign says ‘7 Items or less’.”

“Oh, that’s a 7? I always thought it was a 1, my bad.”

“Wait…Hank? Is that you?”

“Wuh?! Uhh…no…no its nooot…this is all juuust a dreeeaaaaammmm…” Continue reading #ClassicHankSaga Friday! – Nina: The Big Story Ruiner (Story #13 in The #HankSaga)– By: @Deeliopunk / @HankSaga

Howard The Duck #3 Review – via All-Comic

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Howard The Duck #3

By Chip Zdarsky, Joe Quinones, Joe Rivera, Rico Renzi

“Fiber is overtaxed! Hip-hop is undertaxed! Why don’t my grandkids visit more often? Where am I?”

Ain’t that the truth. Have you seen the taxes on fiber these days? They’re ludicrous!


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