“THAT” Scorpion – The 38th Story in the #HankSaga By Dan Leicht (D.e.e.L) (@Deeliopunk) (@HankSaga)


“THAT” Scorpion – The 38th Story in the #HankSaga By: Dan Leicht (D.e.e.L) (@Deeliopunk) (@HankSaga)


“That’s what she…”

“Don’t…just don’t.”

“But she did say ‘that’.”

“I highly doubt that.”

“Do you think we’re saying ‘that’ too much, Hank?”

“Well that’s a good question, MC Frisbee Rockstar. Why don’t we ask…oh wait, here she comes.” Continue reading


#HankWeek is Coming!

Ever hear of the #HankSaga? I thought so. Just in case you’re sitting next to someone who hasn’t read this next part allowed to them – THEY’RE SUPER FUNNY STORIES DAN PUTS ON HIS BLOG EVERY MONDAY MORNING TO MAKE OUR LIVES BETTER BECAUSE HE CARES SO MUCH ABOUT US – Say this part too - I CAN’T WAIT FOR NEXT MONDAY TO READ ANOTHER FUNNY STORY! BUT WAIT, WHAT IS THIS #HANKWEEK DAN SPEAKS OF?

I can answer your question for you! HankWeek is going to be something i’ll do for stories 41-45, which means the week of Oct 20th a New HankSaga story will be posted each morning! Sounds fun right? It’ll be a grand time I’m sure. So, in preparation (besides making sure you have an ample supply of snack foods) catch up on the HankSaga and share these funny stories with your friends!


Interview with C L Raven

Originally posted on Peter Germany's Blog:

I first discovered Cat and Lynx Raven through our mutual friend Cinta Garcia de la Rosa and over the last few months in particular I’ve felt that I’ve gotten to know these two young ladies a little. Cat and Lynx are twins who combine to become the writer C L Raven. They also attempt to contact the dead with Calamityville Horror on their YouTube channel.

First of all, when did you start writing and was it something you’ve always wanted to do?

We started writing novels at 12 but we’d always loved creative writing in primary school. It’s something we’ve done every day since we were 12 but we hadn’t really considered doing it professionally. We had no idea how to make it happen.

As a writing duo, what is your writing process?

One of us writes 2 pages then we switch. It’s that simple. We don’t tell each other…

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The Grid: Black Coffee 3 A Charles Splint Case by D.E.E.L


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Originally posted on Purplerose123's Blog:

Black Coffee 3 A Charles Splint Case
Charles is the head of the Grid now, not what he wanted, but it is what it is. He changes the gang from thieves to helping get rid of thieves. They had to move the office they were using( a bar) after someone came after him and shot up their first office and killed one of his gang members. He meets a Nora at his next office he chooses, she’s a waitress, he becomes friendly with her. Someone trashes his place and she offers him a couch to sleep on. Things only get worse for Charles. Follow The Charles Splint short stories and find out what happens. He a smart mouth ex cop who didn’t kiss butt and got fired for it. He’s now on his own and still bad as ever.

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Pistol Wrists 5 – Moon By Dan Leicht (D.e.e.L)


Pistol Wrists 5 – Moon

By Dan Leicht (D.e.e.L) (@Deeliopunk)

Copyright © 2014 by D.e.e.L


Disclaimer: This story involves intense situations and is not recommended for everyone. Please be aware of this before reading and proceed at your own will. This story is completely fictional. Do not attempt anything within the context of this story. Discretion is advised.



The bus trudges through the hot sand as we drive around the barricade meant to release my friends from harm, though nobody here has been captured, no one here wanting escape. We’re all as free as possible; we are all chasing “It”. Continue reading


Hank Splints – The 37th Story in The #HankSaga – By: Dan Leicht (D.e.e.L) (@Deeliopunk) (@HankSaga)


Hank Splints – The 37th Story in The #HankSaga – By: Dan Leicht (D.e.e.L) (@Deeliopunk) (@HankSaga)


It was around noon on a Tuesday or Saturday. The coffee was steaming behind the counter, spilled on the floor no more than 11 and a half minutes ago by Gina as she was walking by to grab herself a slushy.

“How’s that coffee still steaming after being on the floor so long?” asked the brunette at the bar’s end.

“Good question,” I replied before taking a sip of my scotch. Continue reading

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