The Adventures Of Hank And Rupert #2 – By Dan Leicht (@Deeliopunk) #MondayBlogs #Fiction #Funny

It’s been one grueling week of waiting since our hero Hank was shot out of a canon existing in an alternate dimension where people wear socks on their hands instead of their shoes and everything tastes like mint. Such a long week that it in fact feels like it’s been months. The exact amount of months remains a mystery however…since the writer of these stories is an english major (even though it might not always be apparent).

If you don’t want to get lost in this incredibly complex story line make sure to check out The Adventures of Hank and Rupert #1 (Don’t call it a reboot…we’ve seriously been here for years…”we” meaning these fictional characters and myself)

The Adventures of Hank and Rupert #2 (The 61st Story in The HankSaga)

By @Deeliopunk

“Hank? Hank, you find out what smell was making that noise?”

Rupert walks to the edge of the cave while the narrator contemplates copy and pasting an even larger chunk from the last story, but he stops himself and instead relies on Rupert’s really good eyesight to spot Hank in the alternate dimension and travel to him with the speed of convenience.

“Rupert! Where have you been? I’ve been trapped here all alone for what feels like months!”

“Would have gotten here sooner but Dan decided to start doing #ClassicHankSaga Fridays instead of writing new stories.”

“Seriously? Couldn’t he just do both?”

“He is…just took him a while to realize that. You know how writers can get.”

“True dat.”

“I thought we talked about using that kind of lingo in these stories, Hank…”

“Sorry, it’s just been so long. Anyway, do your teeth taste like mint?” Continue reading The Adventures Of Hank And Rupert #2 – By Dan Leicht (@Deeliopunk) #MondayBlogs #Fiction #Funny

Sunday’s #PoetryRewind – Four Legged Fortune – By Dan Leicht @Deeliopunk #Poetry #Poem


a dog scampers across a busy highway and lives
it’s owner, a human, tries to do the same and dies
not meant to trot on all fours
not meant to trot at all
the cars hush for the domesticated
but not for the domestic
hushing almost to a whisper
if not a frail coo
on the other side of the highway is a wall
with no means to getting over it
no means at all
for the dog cannot stand tall enough
bound to four legs
not two

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All-Comic #Review For LOW #9 By @Remender @GregTocchini & @DaveMcCaig

By Rick Remender, Greg Tocchini, Dave McCaig

“See them alive in your mind. See them getting home safely and putting together a search party. Imagine us all back together.”

You need to stay positive in the world of Low, especially with all the negativity flying around, breaking into your ship, capturing you…just keep swimming? Dory’s advice works surprisingly well here…

Issue #9 of Low by gives us an upbeat story in a world where hope is forbidden, and it all begins ten years in the past with two sisters trying to hold on.

Poetry, Fantasy, Mystery, Short stories, Rhymes…sometimes


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