The Mystery of the Glass Olive – The 42nd Story in the #HankSaga (The 2nd story of #HankWeek!) By Dan Leicht (@Deeliopunk) (@HankSaga)

The Mystery of the Glass Olive – The 42nd Story in the #HankSaga  (The 2nd story of #HankWeek!) By Dan Leicht (@Deeliopunk) (@HankSaga)


He crept along the outside of Blue Spaghetti’s careful not to make a sound.

“Uh, Hank. What are you doing?” asked Dan.

“Ohhhh, heeeeeeey…you. I’m just looking for something.”

“Dude, we’ve known each other for like years now. Stop pretending like you’re too cool to remember by name.”

“Sorry, Dave.”

“It’s Dan…”

“Tell him I’m sorry too. But can you help me look for something?”

“Sure,” said Dan as he rolled his eyes.

“Ew, what did you just do with your eyes? I can see the back of your eyeballs.”

“My bad, I do that sometimes.”

“Do what? I thought Cinta and I got rid of ____ word.”

“Which word?”

“_____ word.”

“Noooo idea what you’re talking about. What is it we’re looking for anyway?”

“A glass olive. I lost it somewhere back here.”

“A glass olive? Where’d it come from?”

“Good question…”

It’s a MYSTERY! Continue reading

The Black Coffee Series, by Dan Leicht (D.e.e.L) @Deeliopunk #MondayBlogs

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BC4 Cover Kindle Format - Splints - Leicht

Black Coffee 4,

By Dan Leicht (D.e.e.L)

Charles Splints has been challenged and his spot atop the Grid is in jeopardy. With a poem as his only clue to a murder he storms out and goes searching for answers. Will he be able to solve the case before he ends up being next? Or will his next challenger finally take out the infamous detective?

This is story 4 in a series of 5 stories.

Release Date: November 7th

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Rupert’s Toe Ring- The 41st Story in the #HankSaga (The 1st story of #HankWeek!) By Dan Leicht (@Deeliopunk) (@HankSaga)



Rupert’s Toe Ring- The 41st Story in the #HankSaga (The 1st story of #HankWeek!) By Dan Leicht



“Hey Dan, is that your pet dragon out there?”

“Pet dragon?”

“Yeah…the one right outside the window. He’s big and red, keeps looking down at his new…is that a toe ring?”

“Oh no, that’s Hank’s friend Rupert.”

“How’d he get that toe ring?” Continue reading


Tall Man – The 40th Story in The #HankSaga By Dan Leicht (D.e.e.L) (@Deeliopunk) (@HankSaga)



TALL MAN – By Dan Leicht 


It was afternoon on a Wednesday when he walked into Blue Spaghetti’s. A tall man, with a peculiar tendency to twitch his nose, and wooden hands, made his way to the hostess desk. He had on a long trench coat, something fidgeting under it as he moved.

“Table for one,” he said in a gruff voice.

“Yes, of course,” replied Cinta, the hostess.

We all stared at him from the bar stools, Gina, MC Frisbee Rockstar, and I.

“Maria, he’s sitting at one of your tables,” said MC Frisbee Rockstar. Continue reading


When The Rent Is Due – #Fiction By Dan Leicht (D.e.e.L, @Deeliopunk)


He was looking at me through the window. I stood there looking back as the man took my measurements for my suit. Afterwards I thanked the man and headed outside. He was waiting for me, a little boy with purple hair, green skin, orange lips, yellow eyes, blue gloves, red shorts, a black shirt, and pink socks stuffed into his brown work boots.

“You got it yet?”  he asked me, referring to my rent.

“No, not yet. I thought we settled on Friday?”

“You and my Dad maybe, but that’s no use to me. I’m headed to the store and need rent NOW!”

“It doesn’t work like that. I’ll have it by Friday.”

His yellow eyes began to glow. The sky above us turned from day to night and lighting fell as if rain drops into his green palms. He tossed an electric orb back and forth as he stared me down, taunting me.

“Got it now? I see you can afford a suit.”

“It’s for a funeral I have to attend.”

“Not my problem. Rent money now.” Continue reading


Hope, Courage, Oranges, Pepper, Milk – The 39th Story in The #HankSaga – By Dan Leicht (@Deeliopunk) (@HankSaga)


Hope, Courage, Oranges, Pepper, Milk – The 39th Story in The #HankSaga – By: Dan Leicht (D.e.e.L) (@Deeliopunk) (@HankSaga)


The wind whaps against the windows of Blue Spaghetti’s Nook Home, everyone inside dares not travel out into the cold autumn day. Leaves, orange and red, float through the air as trees shed their summer cloaks. A single brave man travels through the winds in search of a good meal.

“Dude, narrator, why you have to tell everyone I’m single? I don’t even know who could be reading this. Oh no, hopefully not my ex… she’ll think I’m nothing without her. Quick! I need to find a date quick!” says Hank in a desperate panic. Continue reading

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Forecast – #poetry by Dan Leicht – D.e.e.L

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he writes a riddle on the board
he leaves
the riddle stays on the board over winter break
in the spring he comes back to see it still unsolved
he writes the answer after his first class is dismissed
the classroom is still cold
snow still falls to the ground outside
a girl raises her hand
“yes?” he asks Continue reading

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