X-Men: The Dark Phoenix Saga by Marvel

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Another challenge on the list accomplished for the year: a graphicnovel

I’ve been a fan of the X-Men movies, but had never really kept up with the stories taking place through the comic books over the decades. The powerful telepath, Jean Grey, has long been my favorite member of the X-Men, and the story of her transformation into Phoenix was devastating. When I discovered that X-Men issues 129-137 covered this story arc and had been compiled into a single graphic novel I was excited!

In 2006 Marvel released the movie The Last Stand which depicted the rise and fall of Phoenix. The comics, which ran from January through September of 1980, explored these same events but followed quite a different series of events. The movie was very emotional, depicting a heartbroken Wolverine being the last one able to stop Phoenix, a resurrected Jean Grey, from destroying the world. In the…

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Cleopatra in SPACE- Book Review

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Once upon a time there was a YA librarian who freaked out over a box of Scholastic galleys and stole a few before her supervisor could finish unpacking them. She then promptly ran over to the nearest chair and began pouring over the awesome, soon to be published titles with selfish glee. This may or may not have happened last week. There may have been squealing.. or not. You weren’t there.

So what was worth squealing over you may ask? Only the newest edition of Cleopatra in a Space and Star Wars Jedi Academy! Both are quite fantastic and I am so excited for our patrons to get their hands on them. Today I am going to review the second edition of “Cleopatra in Space” by Mike Maihack.

The Story:

Last year I was able to snag a galley of his first book and fell in love with the characters…

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What’s up next for Charles Splints?

With 2014 being the year of Black Coffee I think 2015 needs it’s own Charles Splints story…right? But a single story? Or another series of short stories? That’s a question that needs….”The Solver”. – Get it? It’s his nickname…

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Tuesday’s #WritingMusic – Craig Armstrong: Finding Beauty

This is a song I usually put on repeat and find myself listening to it over and over while working on a project. It’s the song that was playing on a loop in my head while writing the first Pistol Wrists story years ago (wow that was a while back).

What do you think? Share some of your favorite song for writing or reading in the comments!

The Adventures of Hank and Rupert #1 (#HankSaga Story #60) By @Deeliopunk / @HankSaga

“Hank, where are you going?”

“I’m not sure, Dan. Just feel like I need to adventure somewhere. No time to talk though, Rupert is outside waiting. Tell everyone I said hello.”

“Don’t you mean goodbye?”

“Yeah that too I guess. Well…hello.”

“Uhhh…hello, Hank.”

Hank walks out the doors of Blue Spaghetti’s Nook Home and climbs aboard his giant red dragon friend named Rupert. Together they take off into the sky and shoot to the star, but not like into space or anything, there isn’t air up there and they would probably turn to ice or blow up or whatever happens in space. They just shot out into the sky and left the world they came to love behind – in search for adventure. Continue reading The Adventures of Hank and Rupert #1 (#HankSaga Story #60) By @Deeliopunk / @HankSaga

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